How to report a Bug?

a bug describes an existing feature (that would ideally have been developed as part of a user story) that does not fill the need it should, as in, it does not accomplish what it should be.

This helps our Project Owner to better prioritize issues around CEA.

We have a standard yet simple way to define and report bugs. This guide walks you through defining your first Bug.

Step 1. define a bug

A bug report has the following elements:

  1. Indicate what steps are needed to reproduce the bug
  2. Indicate what you expected to see, and
  3. What you saw instead (include full error message (including stack trace) if applicable)

Step 2. submit a new bug

Now it is time to submit a bug in CEA. For this:

  1. Go to the CEA repository in Github.
  2. Click New Issue
  3. in Title, add a title indicating what the problem was adn the CEA version you used for this (e.g., I could not run optimization in CEA V2.9)
  4. in the description, add the bug report (step 1.)
  5. In the description you can directly connect to other user stories using # or connect to other people using @ in the text.